Fire Protection Insulation

Fire Stopping / Air Sealing
Where services pass through fire-walls and floors it is essential to seal these openings from smoke and fire to maintain the fire integrity of the building. This is achieved by installing various systems comprising ablative coated mineral fibre batt, gypsum based fire mortars and intumescent mastic sealants. As these systems and materials offer protection against smoke they can also be used to seal around services to make an airtight seal. Many of the larger public buildings and some smaller environmentally built properties require airtight seals to combat the loss of heat/energy thus reducing the need for wasted energy generation.

Fire Board Encasements
These range from a non decorative mineral fibre to a pre-finished powder coated encasement. These systems can be installed quickly and efficiently and are the ideal choice for the protection of steelwork where impact resistance is important.

Intumescent Coatings
Intumescent paints and sealants can provide up to 2 hours fire protection to steelwork and is an extremely cost effective method due to the fast sprayed application times with minimal disruption to other trades.

Fire Barriers / Curtains
There are two different types of fire barriers designed to offer smoke and fire protection within roofs and ceiling voids. One being a mineral fibre barrier which offers both insulation and fire protection, the other is a lightweight woven cloth material which offers an extremely cost efficient solution.