Health & Safety


It is the Company's firm intention to ensure that the highest practicable standards of Health, Safety and Welfare are achieved in respect of its operations.

The Company accepts in full its obligations to work to the requirements of all legislation and codes of good practice relating to Health, Safety and Welfare.

Management and staff have the duty and responsibility for implementing this policy in a manner, which ensures that Health, Safety, and Welfare considerations are always given priority.

The effectiveness of the Company's Health and Safety Policy relies heavily on the co-operation of Company employees and the competency of those persons engaged by the Company. Modern Insulation Limited will ensure through its training policy the competence of employees and it is their duty and responsibility to do everything possible to prevent injury to themselves and to others visiting the premises.

The Company has an excellent record for Health and Safety at its places of work. It recognises that this is achieved through the active participation, of both management and those employed by the Company, in identifying hazards and risks and then taking positive action to control them.

The Company has appointed Mr. Brian Disley as the person with overall responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare.